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March 20, 2015

Get to Know the Creative Imagination of Nichola Battilana


We love the imagination of Nichola Battilana! She truly is an incredible artist filled with innovative ideas and gorgeous designs. Today, you'll get to know more about her. Plus, she shares a Botanical Tea treat and tutorial filled with techniques and details that reflect her love for altered art!

An Interview with Nichola Battilana for National Craft Month #graphic45

An Interview with Nichola Battilana

1. Why do you craft?

It keeps me sane! If I go a few days without creating something I get really grumpy. Really. Just ask my husband. For me, it’s also a way to communicate and connect with others and a source of income.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

Altered art or mixed media and sculptural paper items. I love cards and ATC’s and collage. I have a lot of respect for layout artists because that is definitely my Achillies heel.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

Everything! People, old stuff, beautiful things, nature… you name it. I see something out in the world and an idea pops into my head and I run to find my paper, scissors and glue.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I am VERY fortunate to have a space in my house which acts as a sort of showroom. A few times a year I open up for people to visit. In the summer I get quite a few people poking around, trying to find the pixies and faeries that live here. Some of my work get’s put on etsy, some goes to shops, some of it I hoard :)


5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

I glue my fingers together on a regular basis. I have accidentally ironed my leg. I have sewn projects to my pants. I frequently apply things upside-down. The funniest thing that ever happened was when I was building something in my yard, looked at my arm and saw a terrible rash!



I was certain I was going to die! I felt faint! Then I realized it was from the spray paint I’d used 10 minutes earlier.

Oh dear! Glad it was just a crafty false alarm! Tricky spray paint. Ha, thanks for sharing with us, Nichola!

Now, Nichola shares a beautiful Botanical Tea Mixed Media Box and tutorial. Enjoy this awesome project!

"I’ll say my forte is mixed media or altered art... but really it’s just playing with paper. I’m also fascinated by miniatures and love to create little worlds. Sooo, I thought that I’d create a little tea house with Botanical Tea inside a Mixed Media 5x5 Box and show you how to make your own too. This project is easily adaptable and you could create a whole little town if you like. Perhaps a pet shop with Raining Cats and Dogs, or a train station with Come Away With Me. You could also adapt this project into a dollhouse for little crafters by keeping the embellishments and fiddly bits to a minimum." ~Nichola

Learn how to make this beautiful altered Botanical Tea box with a tutorial from Nichola #graphic45

Check out How to Make a Miniature Botanical Tea House With G45 by Nichola Battilana on Snapguide.  

Nichola's Snapguide Tutorial

Love the details on the inside of this awesome Botanical Tea altered box by Nichola! Magical! #graphic45

Learn how to make this Botanical Tea house with a tutorial from Nichola! #graphic45

Beautiful banners and layers on this Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45

"A Cup of Tea warms the soul like a good friend" from Nichola's Botanical Tea house #graphic45

We could live here! Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45

What's inside? Click to see this magical creation by Nichola! #graphic45

Botanical Tea house by Nichola which you can also create! #graphic45

Botanical Tea house by Nichola #graphic45


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Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Tags & Pockets

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Chipboard 1

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Chipboard 2

Graphic 45 Mixed Media 5x5 Box-Ivory

Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys

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Wooden tongue depressor


Acrylic paint


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Miniature Table & Chairs Set*
Tea themed charms and miniatures
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Tiny faux flowers
Petaloo Petites Teastained Pink
Petaloo Botanica Petites


Now, let's announce our winner from our contest this week! Our randomly chosen winner of the $60 Time to Flourish prize pack is...


-Tina McMurray

Congratulations, Tina! Please email joanna@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Thanks for taking part in our challenge, G45ers!

Thanks for joining us today and congrats again to our winner! Join us this weekend for more fun National Craft Month interviews. See you tomorrow!

Happy Papercrafting,

Graphic 45

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I love your Tea House Nichola! So sweet! TFS!

Nichola, your tea house is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to Tina!

So pretty...I love seeing your miniature world! Fantastic! xx

While miniatures are not my area of interest, I do appreciate the work of this artist. Love the banners!

Like Martie R says, not my thing but kudos to those who make miniatures. Cute.
Congrats to winner.

I love the tea party♥ And please stay safe!!!

I LOVE miniatures! Mind brain is already spinning as I think of other vignettes to try with this tutorial. Gorgeous!

Very cool!

Nichola's tea house is adorable! Love it!

The little tea house is darling! I'm sure some wee' fairies love taking an afternoon break in this special little place.

Such a cute tea house!!! I love it!

In addition to paper crafting, I also do miniatures and prefer room boxes & vignettes to doll houses. This is so perfect! I have some miniatures pieces that are what I consider stand-alone collectable pieces as they are from well known designers and crafters in miniatures. Some people create room boxes that are filled with these kind of pieces and the room box may be worth many thousands of dollars. I cannot afford to do that but I can surely use my G45 papers and boxes to do something as charming as this to showcase my very special pieces! Thank you SO much for this idea!!

Lovely tea setting.
Congratulations Tina.

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