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March 24, 2015

Romy Veul Shares How Crafting Makes a Busy Life More Fun


We love the beautiful work of Romy Veul. She is a master of layering, mixture of colors, and fussy cutting. Today, we'll get to know her better and enjoy a great tag tutorial using Time to Flourish.

A National Craft Month Interview with Romy Veul #graphic45

An Interview with Romy Veul


1. Why do you craft?

Being a student at University and a student-assistant I live a rather busy life. Although I definitely enjoy working hard and don’t mind having a lot of things to do, I’m also definitely in need of some time to just sit back and relax and do something ‘just for me’. That’s why I craft. Crafting is the creative outlet that makes life just a little bit more fun. What I also love about crafting is the fact that it allows me to preserve memories. Life tends to pass by rather fast and I find it very important to document what I do, think, feel and experience in daily life. I think crafting is a great way to make a beautiful record of your life at this moment, so that you can reflect on it later on.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

I think my favourite types of projects are cards and lay-outs. I really cannot choose between these two types of creations, because I enjoy making both a lot. It’s actually the combination of different types of projects that I like the most. Some days I would really feel like making a lay-out, whereas the other day I would actually prefer making a couple of cards.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?

I’m inspired, first of all, by the beautiful products that I get to work with. Graphic 45 always offers such gorgeous papers and embellishments, that I often do not have to search for any inspiration. It’s already in my mind as soon as I see their beautiful products. Besides that, I’m inspired by almost everything that is surrounding me in daily life. This can be magazines, photos on the Internet, beautiful quotes, or even home accessories. My driving force to keep on crafting are all the people surrounding me, who support me and encourage me to continue being creative.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I store my lay-outs in albums, but I have reserved a frame for some of my favourite lay-outs. My parents have a couple of my lay-outs hanging on the wall next to the stairs. When it comes to my cards, I usually send them to the people that I love and of whom I know that they will appreciate a handmade card. For the cards that I cannot say goodbye to, I have a storage box where I keep them.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

When I’m crafting, I’m often accompanied by our cat Beertje. Although she is a sweetheart and I enjoy her warm company, she has also led to several craft disaster over the years that I have been crafting. She would often walk through the mud, then come inside, jump onto the table and walk on the lay-out that I am working on. There have been quite a couple of papers and lay-outs that ended up in the trash bin because of this typical disaster.  

Cats are the best craft pals - most of the time :) Thanks for talking with us, Romy!

Now, Romy has a beautiful Time to Flourish tag set and a great tutorial for the larger tag. Enjoy!

"Although I love making all kinds of projects, I consider myself most of all a card & tag girl. The gorgeous Staples Tags and ATC Tags from Graphic 45 actually made me love making tags even more. For today’s post I made a large and a small tag with the gorgeous Time To Flourish collection. Since I’m slowly but surely getting in the mood for spring, I used two different spring-themed colour schemes on the tags." ~Romy

Love this tag set from Romy! Learn how to make the bigger tag with a step-by-step tutorial by Romy #graphic45

Learn how to make this "Pleasure" Autumn Time to Flourish tag with a tutorial from Romy #graphic45

Learn how to make this Time to Flourish tag with a tutorial from Romy #graphic45

"Happy Days" Time to Flourish tag by Romy #graphic45

"Pleasure" Time to Flourish Tag Tutorial by Romy


Step 1:

Use the Staples Tag as a template to cut out a tag from the ‘February Cut Apart’ paper. Attach the cut out tag onto the Staples tag. Slightly ink the edges of the tag.



Step 2:

Cut out a rectangle from a yellow sheet from the Time To Flourish 8x8 Pad. Ink the edges of the rectangle and attach it on top of the tag. Also cut out a smaller rectangle from a blue sheet of paper. Punch alongside the vertical edges of the rectangle, ink the edges and glue the rectangle down in the center of the tag.



Step 3:

Take one of the die-cuts from the Tags & Pockets package and a tab with the text ‘Time to Flourish’ from the chipboard package. Attach these embellishments on the right side of the tag.



Step 4:

Cut out several flowers and butterflies from the ‘August Cut Apart’ and ‘September Flourish’ sheets. Add foamtape to the backside of the flowers.



Step 5:

Add the cut out images around the die-cut card to embellish it.



Step 6:

Further embellish the tag with several pearls and a few small chipboard circles from the Time To Flourish chipboard package.

Learn how to make this "Pleasure" Autumn Time to Flourish tag with a tutorial from Romy #graphic45


Supply List:

Time to Flourish papers: February Cut Apart, August Cut Apart, September Flourish
Time To Flourish 8x8 Pad
Time To Flourish Tags & Pockets
Time To Flourish Decorative Chipboard
Staples Kraft Tags
Staples ATC Kraft Tags

From the G45 Vault, we have this amazing By the Sea tag album by Ginny Nemchak. This is such amazing tag-spiration!

By the Sea tag mini album by Ginny Nemchak #graphic45

See this Pin on Pinterest!

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Thanks for joining us today! It was so fun to get to know Romy better. We hope you have a great Tuesday!

Your Pals in Paper,

Graphic 45

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