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March 14, 2015

The Joy is in the Creative Journey with Katie Zoey Ho


We love the creations of the amazing Katie Zoey Ho! Our National Craft Month interviews continue with a fabulous tutorial from Katie using An ABC Primer and a fantastic look into her love for crafting. What a super Saturday! 

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An Interview with Katie Zoey Ho

1. Why do you craft?

For the sake of boggling my creative brain cells (just joking... :) ). I do love crafting and put my hands onto it; making beautiful things for parties, as gifts or even just for the sake of visual pleasure. It does makes people feel good when you look at pretty things, generally speaking. Partly is also because I’m also in search for an identity in my current journey as a budding artist. Besides, when crafting comes to a personal level, it gives me the space and freedom to be creative and be myself which is why I craft.

2. What do you feel is your crafting forte?

Not exactly sure which is my forte, but I’d say accordingly to my current portfolio till date it seems like it’s gearing towards altered art and assemblage art.

3. What inspires and motivates you to be creative?


I’m practically inspired by everything; what I see and hear and how I feel. Even a fishmonger I met in a fish market can inspire me somehow. When I started to have my creative mojo kicking it, I can go all the way and craft non-stop and I could get motivated and come up with tons of ideas. But sometimes it’s hard to seize it right as mojos do come in at weird hours, in the middle of nowhere and can caught you by surprise at places and time that you never expected it. When you are thinking of doing it the next morning or the next moment you step into your craft room, the mojo is gone and you feel you’ve kinda lost it. I believe everyone has one kind of creative mojo, it’s just whether it has been manifested the way you wanted it to be. I do have days I lost it and it came back. What really motivate me is not looking at how I wish I could be that creative but believing that my mojo is always with me.

4. What do you do with your projects once they're complete?

I kept them in one corner to collect dust (LOL just joking… :D). For projects that are personal that I’d like to keep, I’ll usually display them out on wall shelves. Project such as altered clock is usually displayed on the wall. Because I’ve recently shifted back to my mum’s place, the space I’ve gotten is much smaller than what I had previously so basically I can’t really display them all. Due to space constraint I’ve right now, most of my projects are gifted away and those I’d like to keep I’ll keep them in a box till I’ve the space to display them.

5. What is the funniest craft disaster you've ever had?

When Mr. Glitter Glue vomited onto me the moment I squeezed real hard on his tummy.

Mr. Glitter Glue is very tricky like that! :) Thanks for sharing with us, Katie!

We love this gorgeous creation by Katie! Try her tutorial below and make this awesome project yourself using An ABC Primer.

"Tumbling blocks aka Jacob’s Ladder is a folk toy consisting blocks of wood held together by strings or ribbons. When hold at one end, the blocks will cascade downward giving a visual illusion of one block flipping over the other. Since it is still at the beginning of school term, making such a toy using the various number blocks from the paper collection will be one interesting bonding session with your kids at home. To pack these ladders as gifts, I made a book cover using Eileen Hull’s 3D book die to contain them. " ~Katie


Check out How to Make Tumbling Blocks (Aka Jacob's Ladder) by Katie Z. on Snapguide.  

Katie's Snapguide Tutorial




Supply List

ABC Primer Deluxe Collector’s Edition
Graphic 45 Core’dinations Signature Series, Dark (Gala Gold, Photogenic, Heritage Kraft)
Sizzix Eileen Hull Bigz 3D Book XL Die
Black Ribbon
Wood Doll

What an awesome interview with Katie! Also, a stunning project you can now try yourself. Thanks for joining us today, G45ers!

Happy Papercrafting,

Graphic 45

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LOVELOVELOVE these projects! TFS!
PS I had to chuckle when I heard about Mr Glitter Glues upset tummy! LOL

What thoughtful and interesting interview answers! Not only does Katie Zoey Ho make some of my favourite papercraft creations, but she seems like a wonderful conversationalist, too :-)

I am really enjoying this closer look at each DT member. Thanks!

This is cool to introduce the DT to us. Thanks!
Love the project!
Happy Crafting!

Beautiful project!

Oh, that is so cute. I will have to get that paper now too. LOL Like there was any doubt of that.

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