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April 25, 2015

An April Layout by the Amazing Jane Tregenza

April Left 2

G45 Ambassador Jane Tregenza puts so much heart and passion into her layouts. We will let her explain her gorgeous April Time to Flourish layout and the truly incredible story behind it:

"April has proven to be a very special month for me; my only Sister and her family spent a week with us. My sister was born when I was 19 years old so I kind of got to be her second mum rather than a big sister. She lives in Western Australia which is a 3 hour plane trip away so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. Ten or so years ago Hannah made the courageous decision to marry Tim who has cystic fibrosis. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, my two precious nieces.

In 2013 Tim’s health deteriorated to the point that after 8 months of hospitalisation he needed a lung transplant. It was a very stressful time for Tim, Hannah and the extended family as we waited and prayed that Tim would receive a lung transplant in time. When we received the news that lungs were available, my thoughts went to the family, who in their time of loss and grief had had the presence of mind to allow their family member’s organs to be given to eligible recipients. In their death - Tim received a second chance of life.  What a difference it has made to him and his family. From being a husband and father who was unable to kick a football, mow the lawns, ride a bike, chase his kids around the yard or help around the house he now can do all of the above and more. No longer does he gasp for breath or cough his lungs out every morning. Whilst he still has cystic fibrosis at least now he can breathe.  I can’t express just how grateful we all are that Tim, Hannah, and the girls now have a “normal life” after so many years of sickness.  We are especially thankful and grateful for the donor and their family for our second chance for Tim." ~Jane

Jane's incredibly inspiring double layout using Time to Flourish #graphic45

The left side of Jane's incredibly inspiring double layout using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Incredible fussy cut flowers on Jane's incredibly inspiring double layout using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Beautiful family on the right side of Jane's incredibly inspiring April double layout using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Love the dimension Jane's incredibly inspiring April double layout using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Supply List

2x G4501036 April Flourish
1x G4501035 April Cut Apart
2x G4501043 August Cut Apart
5 ½ -6x Black Cardstock
12x black photo corners
Assorted ribbons, brads, metals and charms from Seriously Scrapbooking.
Imaginarium Designs Chipboard IDP0111

Wasn't this so inspiring? We love this incredible double layout and the wonderful story behind it. Thank you, Jane, for sharing your heart and talent with us!

Have a Wonderful Saturday,

The G45 Family


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Thanks for featuring a beautiful scrapbook layout!

What beautiful layout! So glad that Jane's brother in law is now able to enjoy an active life with his family! <3

Beautiful pages...each a work of both heart and art. Thanks for sharing your sister's story. You are so fortunate to have each other. Lovely family and stunning pages. Love how you used the flowers. Well done!

Lovely layout! Nice work.

Thanks for sharing your donor story, Jane. My husband received a second chance from a person brave enough to donate his bone marrow to him. He is now Cancer free. Your layouts are a beautiful reminder of the difference we can make in a person's life through the donor programs. Thanks for sharing!

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