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April 02, 2015

Announcing the 25 2015 Graphic 45 Design Team Finalists!

Announcing the 25 2015 Graphic 45 Design Team Finalists #graphic45

The TOP 25 DESIGN TEAM FINALISTS ARE HERE!  This is always our toughest decision of the year. Everyone who submitted was so incredibly talented! It was nearly impossible to narrow down to 25 finalists, but we are so excited to see these finalists' final round submissions. Congratulations to all who made it, but biggest congrats to ALL who auditioned and inspired us with their talent!

Announcing the 25 2015 Graphic 45 Design Team Finalists #graphic45

The Top 25 Graphic 45 Design Team Finalists in Alphabetical Order:

Andrew Roberts - Australia
Arlene Cuevas - USA

Belly Lau - China

Brit Sviggum - Norway

Danielle Copley - USA

Donna Espiritu - Saudi Arabia

Erica Houghton - USA

Ginny Nemchak - USA

Helen Allen - UK

Joanne Bain - Australia

Katerina Zlenko - Ukraine

Katie Zoey Ho - Singapore

Keri Sallee - USA

Lori Williams - USA

Maggi Harding - USA

Mariusz Gierszewski - Poland

Robin Shakoor - USA

Sharina Adams - USA

Solange Marques - Brazil

Song Li - USA

Tanya Dudkina - Russia

Tara Brown - USA

Tati Scrap - Spain

Trudi Harrison - Australia

Yumi Muraeda - Japan


Congratulations to our Finalists! Here's a reminder of the Final Round of Submissions:


Graphic 45 Design Team Submissions - Final Round


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Photo 1


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We thank every single one of you who submitted to our Design Team. We wish we could have all of you on our team! We are so inspired by your passion, talent, and creativity. Congratulations to our Finalists! We are very excited about 2015.

Many Congrats,

The G45 Family


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Congratulations to all xx

Thank you so much, I am humbled to be standing in this field of incredible artists.

congrats on the top 25!!

Congrats to all you very incredibly talented artist and a special yeahh to my sweet friend Britt and off course to you Maggie you both rock Graphic 45 papers!
I feel kinda sad that I didn't see my name but when I see you all it makes it less hard! Have a wonderful day xox

Congrats to all the winners!!!

What an amazing talent pool! Congrats to all the finalists! I can't wait to see the final projects! I know they will be awesome!

Also, I'm very glad to see Ginny Nemchak on this list! Her work is a constant source of inspiration to me!!

Congratulations to a wonderful group of talented designers and to graphic 45 for this opportunity

Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited to be one of the 25 finalists, congratulations to everyone!😊

Congratulations to all the finalists - well deserved xx

Congratulations to all of the artists! I am looking forward to seeing your submissions.

What an amazing lineup of designers! Can't wait to see what they create for the next round! Andrew Roberts, Tati Scrap, Arlene Cuevas and Solange all have my vote but they are all quite amazing! Good luck to all of them!

Third time lucky! I am so happy right now and soooooo nervous. I think I may even get video fright ;-) Thank you so much for picking me. Congratulations to all the finalists - I will probably bump into you on a happy cloud! x

Arlene Cuevas changed my life as she introduced me to Graphic 45 and I would be thrilled to see her designing again! Great line-up - difficult choices - best of luck to all!

Congrats to everyone & good luck. Glad to see Andrew Roberts is on the list, I love his projects.
Happy Crafting! ;0)

Huge congratulations to you all! A couple of names I am particularly glad to see but all very amazing to have got even this far!! :)

Thank you!!!!!! I'm really excited!!! Congratulations to all finalists! :)

Congrats to the finalists!

Thanks for the chance to win a fab prize and for the free video tag classes.

I followed every link to meet your finalists. You have a difficult decision ahead of you! I'm looking forward to seeing just who makes the team this year. There are so many talented people out there!

Amazing artists in this top 25 finalist list! Thanks for a chance to win!

Congratulations to All the finalist !

Congratulations finalists!

Congratulations to the finalists! I can't wait to see the videos. And thank you G45 for the chance to win Time to Flourish pack.

Congratulations to all!!!

what an exciting time for those chosen to be finalists - I love seeing all of their projects... good luck to all. I have also been over the scrapbook.com and have seen the first 3 tag classes - they are awesome!! thanks so very much for sharing...

Thank you so much for including me in the list of finalists. I am proud and honored to be a part of the 2014 team! I love the paper..I love the company..and I love the team! Best of luck to all the finalist....the projects are all fabulous!

Congratulations to all the finalists!!!!

I'm off to Scrapbook.com to sign up for the class. Sound so fun.

Wow, thank you for choosing me for your Top 25! I am so grateful and, frankly, shocked! What an amazing group of crafters to be amongst!! This is truly an honor!

Glad to make it to the top 25... Thanks so much for the opportunity... I hope to bring more inspiration in near future... And huge congrats to the finalists!!! So much talents here!!! Cheers!!!

just bought more papers, so gorgeous!!

This is so exciting with much to look forward to. Good luck with the designer selection...what a mammoth task!

The design teams are so fabulous and all worthy! I don't envy your job of choosing the final team.

My son and I just love everything Graphic 45, I keep trying to get him to enter the Design Team call. He is so very talented and has made some beautiful items with Graphic 45 products. We are , unfortunately, not able to always purchase your products. Please keep bringing new designs and keep up the WONDERFUL work.

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