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June 28, 2015

Introducing the Graphic 45 Ambassadors: Jane Tregenza and Jim, The Gentleman Crafter

May Right

Today, we welcome back two incredible teachers and designers to our Team of Ambassadors! We will welcome back the wonderful work of Jane Tregenza and Jim, the Gentleman Crafter. They share such amazing projects today, and we are just so honored to have these incredible crafters on Team Graphic 45.


First, let's welcome back the wonderful Jane Tregenza!


Jane Tregenza

"I am the mother of 5 wonderful children, who all feature in my scapbooking projects from time to time. I have been married for over 30 years to a wonderful man who supports me in my journey through life. I am also the mum to a very special young lady who has taught me so much about myself. When our daughter was born with downs syndrome, it was quite a shock. At 22 it was not something I had ever thought about or even contemplated having to deal with. How grateful I am for that special baby. It has taken me on quite a different journey to the one I had planned. Once she finished school, she needed work and so I decide to open my own scrapbooking store and employ her to work for me.  I was already teaching scrapbooking at two different stores, but the decision to have my own store was a huge step for me. I re-entered the work force after being a stay at home mum for over 15 years with no experience of running a small business.

What a journey it has been. Scrapbooking has taken me all over Australia and to the USA as well. In my own store, I teach about 10 classes a month, all with Graphic 45.  I have been invited to be a tutor at the larges scrapbooking and paper craft expo in Australia for the past 4 years. I always teach Graphic 45 projects. At this event I have met women from all over Australia and New Zealand who are also fans of Graphic 45 – fellow kindred Spirits.  

This year my goal has been to get lots of my projects and books into kits with tutorials for those unable to attend my classes. To date I have over 60 different projects in kit form, all using Graphic 45 papers.  One of my strengths are my tutorials. I send out 1000’s of kits each year and have no one who can’t work the project out using my tutorial.  It is great to be able to provide inspiration, but even better to share, and teach someone one of my projects. My tutorials allow me to do this. Even some of my harder projects still work with a tutorial, as you know from my precious time with you.

I love all forms of scrapbooking, books, altered art, off the page, cards, books and more. It doesn’t matter what I make, when I use Graphic 45,  I can always make the papers work for me.  I just love the designs, colours and patterns – it is a perfect match for my style of scrapbooking. I don’t tend to use a lot of embellishments but rather use the papers to get the effect I want or cut them to make my own embellishments.  I was so delighted when Graphic 45 introduced their own chipboards, diecuts, stickers and staples. It all got easier and everything matched.

My work is classic, (I thinks that’s the word I would use to sum my work up) and my style appeals to lots of ladies.  I love the challenge of mixing my Graphic 45 collections and I have a good eye for colour and what works well together.

I still get excited when I see the new collections arrive and my mind goes into overdrive as I look at each paper and see the potential just sitting there waiting for me to get stuck in.

I so enjoyed my three years on Graphic 45’s design team, and I can’t thank Graphic 45 enough for giving me the honour of being one of their Ambassadors.  I am so looking forward to sharing my work with you all this year." ~Jane

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Jane first shares a brand new layout for the month of May using Time to FlourishWe love her monthly gratitude layout series. 

"For my gratitude layout this month, I could not go past Mother’s day.  Although my Mother does not like a fuss made of her on this day, I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and my family over the years.  She has always been there for me, whenever I needed a helping hand. Now it is my turn to be there for her. My parents have moved and now live three houses away. My father has had a couple of strokes and needs more help as he gets older. My Mother fills her days in helping my father with his rehabilitation. In April my youngest sister visited from Perth, and we had so much fun catching up. We also took the opportunity to get some family photos taken.  It is not often we can do this and as my parents get older the times we can all be together become more precious. I love the flowers on the May flourish print paper. It was so much fun cutting everything out and working out how they all needed to go on my layout." ~Jane

May Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

May Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

May Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

May Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

May Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Supply List

2x G451033 March Cut Apart
2x G4500883 Herbal Infusions
1x G4501037 May Cut Apart
1x G4501038 May Flourish
6x Black Cardstock
Photo corners, Brads and metal corners from Seriously Scrapbooking

Now, see Jane's June gratitude layout using Time to Flourish! What a beauty!

"June has been a busy month for me. I was again invited to teach at the largest scrapbooking expo in Australia.  I had three classes a day, for three days and a lovely group of Ladies joined me to create their own beautiful layouts, mixed media canvas and off the page projects as well.  All the projects featured Graphic 45 – my favourite company. I had a lovely time meeting new people and catching up with some old friends, all of whom I have met at this event over the past 5 years, that I have been a teacher at this event. Some ladies had travel 1000’s of Kilometres/Miles and even from New Zealand to attend the event and classes.  

My work was on display in the Teachers area for people to look at and I even had some pop up books for people to handle.

Seriously Scrapbooking had 450 Graphic 45 kits of mine to sell, including my layouts, books, shabby patchwork and canvas. (I did a rough count of how many Graphic 45 papers that was and worked out that it was over 2000 sheets. It was pretty amazing to see that many projects in one space. They all looked beautiful hanging there, just waiting for someone to buy them. I didn’t really appreciate how many ladies find it hard to attend classes or live in isolation. The kits were a big hit, with ladies buying one of everything I had there. I have already received emails from grateful ladies delighted with the projects they have made following my instructions.  

I really do love teaching and sharing my passion for all things Graphic 45. It is a real privilege to be Graphic 45’s ambassador for this year and I do take it quite seriously.  I am grateful for the opportunity Graphic 45 has given me, as an ambassador and design team member. It has taken me on quite a wonderful journey. I just love meeting people and hearing their stories, being invited into their lives through their photos or just talking to them.  

You just never know what is just around the corner on my journey with Graphic 45. Next year I am teaching on my first cruise and have just been asked to teach in New Zealand as well. I will be teaching Graphic 45 projects off course again sharing the love around.  After that who knows.

Thanks so much Graphic 45 for all you do for me and for giving me the opportunity to share my work here." ~Jane

June Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

June Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

June Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

June Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

June Double Layout by Jane Tregenza using Time to Flourish #graphic45

Supply List

1x June Cut a Part
1x June Flourish
2x July Cut a Part
2x Globe Trotter
5 Black cardstock

Next is the incredible Jim, the Gentleman Crafter! How much do we love Jim Hankins? He is just such an incredible artist, and a wonderful human being on top of that. He is so much fun to work with and we are always honored that he is an Ambassador for Graphic 45! Jim is teaching a lot more this year, so check out his website for all the exciting classes on Jim's calendar.


Jim, the Gentleman Crafter

"Full of Southern charm, Jim Hankins is truly a Gentleman Crafter!  Jim is known for creating intricate 3-D art projects and his use of innovative mixed media techniques.

An avid blogger, YouTuber and Ustream instructor and educator at large, Jim loves traveling the country and internationally, teaching classes online and in person and reaching out to fellow crafters to share his love of techniques and album construction." ~Jim, The Gentleman Crafter

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Jim shares some of his favorite projects below. First, this incredible Artisan Style bureau made completely by Jim using chipboard and our papers. Wow! What insane talent. Amazing work!

Artisan Style bureau by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Artisan Style bureau by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Artisan Style bureau by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Next is a favorite of Jim and a favorite of ours - his Le Cirque Ferris wheel that actually does turn with a motor! It is another incredible creation straight from the imagination of the brilliant Jim, the Gentleman Crafter!

Le Cirque Ferris wheel by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Le Cirque Ferris wheel by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Le Cirque Ferris wheel by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Le Cirque Ferris wheel by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter #graphic45

Jim made this Home Sweet Home cupboard for our Winter CHA Show this past winter and it is such an incredible project! We love the miniatures he uses on this awesome creation. It even has a hidden mini album. (What a great project to keep your recipes in!) Another brilliant project!


Home Sweet Home cupboard by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter (with a hidden mini!) #graphic45

Home Sweet Home cupboard by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter (with a hidden mini!) #graphic45

We are so excited Jane and Jim, the Gentleman Crafter have joined us for another year. Welcome them back in the comments below! What immense talent these two designers have. What an honor to have them represent Graphic 45!

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Thanks for joining us this Sunday, G45ers. We hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Your Pals in Paper,

The G45 Family

Want to try these projects out? Visit your LSS or order online today! Graphic 45 Store Locator Link Here


WOW - Some fabulous projects here. What talented people

I am glad that you are both back as Ambassadors! I have enjoyed your work and look forward to more.


I love these two - such wonderful projects always!

Wishing you a happy day!

Barbara Diane

I love Jim's work and was lucky enough to attend some of his classes in the UK earlier this month. So glad he remains an ambassador for G45!

Wonderful! Love that jim is back. The 3D effects are stunning! Janes work is so appealing to a broad base of clean lines and entire paper use!

Wonderful to have these two special, creative people back. Jim's creations always amaze me; always so intricate and inventive. Jane projects always feel like home to me. She has a way of projecting a love of family and friends in her work. Her cards are amazing.

I love Jim's awesome projects and Jane's delicate layouts! I'm glad they will continue to create for G45.

So much to look forward to this year. I am so ready to be inspired!!!

Welcome back both. Jane, your layouts are beautiful, full of creativity and inspiration. Jim, I especially love your kitchen cupboard, I feel a project coming on.

Looking forward to all this wonderful art!!

So happy to see Jim back! I love his projects!

I so enjoy seeing Jane's projects! Her traditional style pleases my eyes. Welcome back to both these wonderful paper artists!!

Congrats to the both or you. I look forward to seeing you projects.
Happy crafting, Linda ;0)

Great projects! Love Graphic 45 papers, and have been collecting for years. Would love to add this assortment to my stash.

I love all the inspiration!

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