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January 06, 2016

CHA Sneak Peeks Day 3: Voyage Beneath the Sea!


The amazing Sneak Peeks continue! Today, you will love Voyage Beneath the Sea collection, a new sea Steampunk collection getting released this Winter CHA 2016. Are you going to our Creative Cruise to the Caribbean this Spring? This collection was created for our Steampunk-loving G45ers and there will be such fun classes on the cruise with this inventive, aquatic collection. Let's get into the fun!

First, let's see who won yesterday's Staples Sneak Peeks giveaway! Our randomly chosen winners are...

From the Blog:

-Caryl Robinson: Love the new clock keys, especially the shabby chic finish!! What a great idea the craft paper is!! And City Scapes is gorgeous!! Thank you, Graphic 45 for your wonderful imagination and for sharing it with us!!

-Tammy Valley: These are great! The clock keys are very interesting and wrapping paper is so cool!

From Facebook:

-Laurel Zachowwhat an awesome collection and a chance to win..pick me, pick me

-Dale Ritchie‎: Just started scrapping in the last couple of years and am proud to call Graphic 45 my favourite paper. The patterns are amazing and the possibilities endless. I always look forward to the new designs!!

Congratulations, winners! Please email joanna@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Do you want to WIN IT BEFORE YOU CAN BUY IT? Just comment here on the blog or on our Facebook page to win an 8x8 paper pad, the Cardstock Ephemera Cards, Journaling and Decorative Chipboard, and the 6x6 Patterns & Solids paper pad of Voyage Beneath the Sea. That's a $43 Retail Value! We will announce four winners here on the blog daily during our Sneak Peeks. This will be a fun time for sure! 

Now, let's introduce you to Voyage Beneath the Sea!

Fulfill your deep blue dreams and make a Steampunk splash with Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new paper collection from Graphic 45! Melodic mermaids, whimsical octupus dames, Steampunk scuba divers, and more will greet you in this fun collection! This collection has 8 double-sided pages bursting with aquatic life. You will love the bright blues, corals, rich yellows and greens in this amazing new collection. Included in this collection are our 12x12 Paper Pad, 8x8 Paper Pad, 6x6 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad, 3 sets of Hampton Art Cling Stamps, Cardstock Tags & Pockets, Journaling & Decorative Chipboard, Journaling & Ephemera Cards, and Cardstock Stickers. Explore the wild, wild waves with Voyage Beneath the Sea!

 Voyage Beneath the Sea Signature Page

1 - Voyage Beneath the Sea signature page from our new 2016 paper collection #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Aquatic Passage

2 - Aquatic Passage, a page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a 2016 new Graphic 45 paper collection #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Mermaid Melody

3 - Mermaid Melody, a new page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new 2016 Graphic 45 paper collection #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Steampunk Splash

4 - Steampunk Splash, a new page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new Graphic 45 2016 paper collection #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

Deep Blue Dreams

5 - Deep Blue Dreams, a page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new 2016 paper collection from Graphic 45 #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Neptune's Adventure

6 - Neptune's Adventure, a page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new 2016 paper collection from Graphic 45 #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Ocean Quest

7 - Ocean Quest, a page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a 2016 new paper collection from Graphic 45 #sneakpeeks #graphic45

Wild Wild Waves

8 - Wild Wild Waves, a page from Voyage Beneath the Sea, a new 2016 paper collection from Graphic 45 #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

Voyage Beneath the Sea Hampton Art Stamps


Voyage Beneath the Sea Cling Stamps #grpahic45 #sneakpeeks

Voyage Beneath the Sea Journaling Chipboard


Voyage Beneath the Sea Decorative Chipboard


Voyage Beneath the Sea Cardstock Tags & Pockets

Voyage Beneath the Sea cardstock Tags & Pockets #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

Voyage Beneath the Sea Cardstock Stickers


Voyage Beneath the Sea Journaling & Ephemera Cards






Voyage Beneath the Sea 12x12 Paper Pad


Voyage Beneath the Sea 8x8 Paper Pad


Voyage Beneath the Sea 6x6 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad


  Voyage Beneath the Sea 6x6 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad, a new Graphic 45 paper collection #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

Maria Cole, our Special Projects Designer, made us this brilliant shadowbox to show off this incredible new collection. She shows off the mermaids and aquatic life so beautifully! We are in love with this.

"Explore the wonders of the deep blue ocean with Voyage By The Sea! I fell in love with the mystical mermaids and whimsical underwater imagery. So much so, I had to create my own “deep sea” project using this fabulous new line and mixed media box! If you're a scrapping siren who loves the beach, steampunk and mermaid tails, you will love this new line!" ~Maria






Supply List

Graphic 45 Mixed Media 5x5 Box ­ Ivory
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea
Deep Blue Dreams
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Neptune's Adventure
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Mermaid Melody
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Voyage Beneath the Sea
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Steampunk Splash
Graphic 45 Voyage Beneath The Sea Wild Wild Waves
Graphic 45 Door Knockers
Graphic 45 Claw Feet
Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keyholes
Petaloo flowers
Stickles & glitter
ZVA Crystals

Thanks so much for joining us for a first look at Voyage Beneath the Sea! Do you have a favorite page?

Your Pals in Paper,

The G45 Family


I haven't been a fan of Steampunk, but you've won me over with this collection. What a clever combination of Steampunk and under-the-sea designs. Just love it!

Love the mermaid paper. Each page is nicer than the last! Can't wait to get my hands on this collection.

Breathtaking paper line - I love steampunk and the sea theme, so to combine them is pure genius.

Steamy Seas ahead! This paper is fantastic! I love the colors. My mind is racing with ideas for this paper.
Please pick me.
Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Oh that's so beautiful! love the colors and this very original idea!

Wonderful steampunk "ocean" collection, this will be a great seller in 2016... all the best at CHA 2016

My daughter loves mermaids and this is just an amazing collection for her. I cant wait to get it. Looking forward to win it as it hard to get in Singapore. Cause G45 collection runs out very fast.

Another beautiful line.

WOW!! This whole collection is outstanding! I am a water sign, Pisces, so anything pertaining to the sea elements is a must have! The shadow box is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing !

Beautiful! I love the colors and the patterns.

The colors of this collection is just gorgeous! Love all the stamps!

wow,wow,wow,, this is a must have!!!!!

Simply Breathtaking! Mermaids, seahorses and steampunk?!?! . . . Oh my!!! 😉😃

Beautiful collection!

Ohhh the colors -- not to mention all those stunning sea creatures!!! I've fallen in love again.

I think this is going to be my new favorite collection. Can't wait to buy it in the stores.

This is a wonderfully unique & beautiful collection!

Oh my - gorgeous!! Don't know how I'd use it - I might just stroke it :D

Graphic45 you did it again!! Wouldn't it be great to have a "membership" with Graphic45 where we get the direct ship of all new products each month! OMG that would be so cool.

Gasp! Steampunk paired with the ocean?! Be still my crafty heart! Love this!

Yes! My soul is full of longing for the secrets of the sea!! How magical is this collection!!!

Holy Mother of the Sea!! You've done it again!! I can't wait to have this collection!

Wow a marriage of steampunk and the sea and so amazingly beautiful. Well done!

This is gorgeous. My two favorite themes mixed together. Can't wait for this one.

What magical paper! I love the color combo! Graphic 45 is the best!

THIS is THE colletion that I have been waiting for for years and years!!! Absolute PERFECTION!!! Mermaid Melody and Neptune's Adventure and Wild Waves. They can't get to me quick enough!!! I have so many projects that have been awaiting this for so long that I am going to be busy till Christmas just with this collectioN!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I think this collection will be my new favorite! Absolutely love the colors and the images! Would love to win this one to start creating right away

This is such a great collection! I think it would be great for Mixed media projects! my favorite paper is Steampunk Splash :)

I love beautiful steampunk girls and this mermaid is definitely is beauty. Awesome colors too!

Amazing images with wonderful colors! What a stunning collection!!!

Cool collection. Great under the sea look. Can't wait for it to come out. I think this line would work great with the By the Sea line. I have some leftover By the Sea and could finish an album I've had waiting to be finished.

Oh, I've never won a thing with you but I so want to win this. I come from a seaside town so I need to have this. Please good fairies may I win this one? Thanks for the inspiration, wonderful yet again of course, and thanks for the chance to win. xxx

Love this collection!!! I have been wanting to do more steampunk projects and this will be perfect for that!!!! I see a lot of boxes in the future with this paper!!!!!

I have to say that this is my favorite of the new releases so far. Nicely done Graphic 45.

This is magic! What a wonderful collection to work with. Thank you G45.

This is an amazing collection and I love it all...the colors, the designs - Oh be still my heart!

Gorgeous. Love the gentleman riding the fish!


I am a huge mermaid fan!! This whole collection is perfect!

G45 is "NUMBER ONE" in my book!! This collection is just gorgeous. It will be perfect for the beach photos with my beautiful grand-daughter this summer.LOVE IT!!!!

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