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January 02, 2016

Graphic 45 Presents a December Time to Flourish Cards & Tags Project Sheet

December Time to Flourish Cards & Tags

Try this December Cards & Tags Time to Flourish Project Sheet! #graphic45

Try this December Cards & Tags Time to Flourish Project Sheet! Fun! #graphic45

Download this Time to Flourish December Cards & Tags Project Sheet

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Beautiful!!! TFS!

I love that this paper collection can be used for every month of the year. Beautiful!

Thanks for sharing this project sheet. I really like these cards and tags.

Those are beautiful tags and cards. Love the colors and the flowers. Beautiful. Very inviting to attempt to create.

Thanks for the project sheet. I'm going to do iy. Love the cards. Never too early to start on next Christmas♡

Thanks for sharing the how-to of these festive ideas!

Great ideas for this collection!

magnifique !!

I love that green ribbon - what shade is that? (The top left card)

Beautiful ideas here ,love this collection

Awesome New Year's inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome paper line! Happy crafting in 2016!

The Christmas cards & tags are MUCH appreciated! I think people can use Christmas crafts any day of the year, as it takes so long to make so many holiday items...why wait until next December??

I can see so many uses for this set. I'm starting a new house album and just have to work this collection into it.

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