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April 25, 2016

Announcing the 2016 Graphic 45 Design Team & Sneak Peeks: Introducing Safari Adventure!

Introducing our new collection Safari Adventure from Graphic 45!

It's a huge day here on the blog! There are so many exciting announcements to be made and Sneak Peeks to be seen - what fun! Let's just get right into it. What an awesome Monday!


Announcing the 2016 Graphic 45 Design Team! #graphic45

We are so excited to announce our 2016 Design Team today! We have to say, all 30 finalists were so incredible, it was our toughest decision to date. Our new teamies span the world and created absolutely incredible projects for their final round. We are so excited to work with them for the next year! Get excited to see their work all across our blogs and newsletters this coming year. Now introducing, our new 2016 Design Team! 

Alexandra Morein - Singapore


Alexandra's Final Round Video

Aneta Matuszewska - Iceland


Aneta's Final Round Video

Einat Kessler - Israel


Einat's Final Round Video

Elena Olinevich - Belarus


Elena's Final Round Video

Joanne Bain - Australia


Joanne's Final Round Video

Katelyn Grosart - Canada


Kately's Final Round Video

Kathy Clement - USA


Kathy's Final Round Video 1


Kathy's Final Round Video 2

Lena Astafeva - Russia


Lena's Final Round Video

Magda Cortez - USA


Magda's Final Round Video

Maggi Harding - USA


Maggi's Final Round Video

Marina BlauKitchen - Spain

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition Final Round from Marina Blaukitchen on Vimeo.

 Nico Favro - Italy


Nico's Final Round Video

Olga Heldwein - Germany


Olga's Final Round Video

Pam Bray - USA


Pam's Final Round Video

Sandy Trefger - USA


Sandy's Final Round Video


Graphic 45 Ambassadors are invited by Graphic 45 to represent G45 for the next year. Our five ambassadors this year are listed below:

Andrew Roberts - Australia
Clare Charvill - UK
Jim Hankins - USA
Tati Scrap - Spain
Yumi Muraeda - Japan

Congratulations to all the new team members and Ambassadors! 2016 is going to be amazing!

Oh, the fun isn't over yet! Now, it's time for a first look at Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45! This is a stunning collection filled with all your favorite wildlife. And guess what? You can WIN IT BEFORE YOU CAN BUY IT! That's right, we will choose FOUR randomly chosen winners each day of Sneak Peeks. All you have to do is comment here on the blog or on Facebook to enter. We'll announce our first four winners tomorrow here on the blog. You could win an 8x8 Safari Adventure Paper Pad, our Journaling & Ephemera Cards, Journaling & Decorative Chipboard, and our 6x6 Patterns & Solids Paper Pad. So much fun!

Enjoy taking a look at the first 6 pages of this brand new collection, plus the fun new stickers, chipboard, and cardstock products that go with this incredible new set!

Introducing Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45!

Safari Adventure Projects from Diane's workshop Graphic 45

 Safari Adventure Signature Page

1 - Safari Adventure, the signature page from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Lush Landscape

2 - Lush Landscape from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Serengeti Outfitters

3 - Serengeti Outfitters from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Creatures Great and Small

4 - Creatures Great and Small from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Natural Habitat

5 - Natural Habitat from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Birds of a Feather

6 - Birds of a Feather, from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

 Safari Adventure Cardstock Stickers

  Cardstock stickers from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Safari Adventure Journaling Chipboard

Journaling Chipboard from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Safari Adventure Decorative Chipboard

Decorative Chipboard from Safari Adventure, a new collection from Graphic 45

Safari Adventure Cardstock Tags & Pockets

Safari Adventure Tags & Pockets #graphic45

Safari Adventure Cardstock Banners

Safari Adventures Banners #graphic45

Are you excited about Safari Adventure? Remember to comment here on the blog and Facebook to Win It Before You Can Buy It! What a great day. We are so excited about our incredibly talented new team. And we are so excited to share this awesome new collection with you. Join us tomorrow for more Sneak Peeks!

Happy Papercrafting,

The G45 Family

Want to try these projects out? Visit your LSS or order online today! Graphic 45 Store Locator Link Here















Wow! Such a thrilling line up for the team! I'm so excited to see three fantastic artists I know from blogland here: Kathy Clement, Katelyn Grosart, and Pam Bray! Huge congrats, ladies and to all of the team!
I know I'm late to leave a comment for the draw, but I have to say this collection is thrilling!

I am in awe of ALL of the artists who submitted projects for consideration for the G45 team. They have my undying admiration for meeting deadlines, sharing their creativity, their artistic vision and their sense of fun!!
Congratulations to all!! I am looking forward to watching all the final project videos!!

What can I say? Simply awe inspiring and blessed to have a love for scrapbooking and paper crafts- Thank You all for the inspiration and joy Graphic 45 and the designers give me !

Safari is such a stunning collection. You've had so many that I've loved but I can hardly wait to get my hands on this one. I'm principally a card maker and am already thinking of the marvelous cards I can make.

STUNNING, simply stunning. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. The things that I will make.....It is worse than waiting for Christmas morning.....

OMG - all of the wonderful tutorials - a fantastic group of new members!

The new Safari Adventure paper collection is beautifully done!

Wishing you a happy day and thank you for sharing all of this wonderfulness with us!


Barbara Diane

love love this new collection cant wait to get it !!!

I'm so excited to see that my creative friend Sandy Trefger made the design team! She creates amazing things all the time and I can't wait to see all of the new creations coming up. The entire team is wonderful! Loved seeing all of the projects.

Absolutely love this new collection!! Perfect for little boys!

I love the new unveilings! So exciting!!

Congrats to the new designers! Love the new release and have many ideas for it, would love to win the 8 x 8 pad, the colors and designs are gorgeous!

Congratulations to all the new design team and congratulations mot all ambassadors as well. So happy that Claire Charvil is still the uk ambassador.

I absolutely love the new Safari, can't wait to buy it and use it to make some stunning cards and kits.

Lovely as all Graphics 45 sets. Hope to win it! :)

I can't wait for my adventure getting to use this collection! Love the colors also. It's grrrreat!

Congrats to all the new Design Team winners! Each of you are indeed talented and we will certainly be looking forward to see your work. Graphic 45 has outdone themselves (again) with the new Safari Adventure line of beauty. I can't wait to get my hands on all of it! OMG x 45!

GO SANDY GO - So proud of you!!!!!

Love this new collection! I would love to win this drawing.

Wow!! Fun looking safari collection..

AMAZING! I really like this unique look. This whole page is fascinating - great job on putting it all together. Projects galore too... WOW.

Oh, my God! Love!Love! Love!!! This collection is just what I need to scrap all our family vacations of the previous years into albums! There were three(!!!) journeys to different Safari Parks and a pile of photos is just waiting to be scrapped😄 This collection is perfect, it's amazing, gorgeous, fabulous! A raving beauty ! And adorable DT! Congrats for our Russian designer Lena Astafeva !!!

Congrats to the new DT!

I so looooove this paper collection!! Another WINNER Graphic 45! So many projects come to mind. Thank you.

Congratulations to the 2016 Design Team and the Ambassadors fabulous Projects !
Safari Adventure banners, tags and pockets are the BOMB !! Love, love, love the prints and those vibrant colors . Can't wait to play with this collection !

Can't wait to see more from the new design team. Would oh so love to win this prize package. I have 1 granddaughter that LOVES Giraffe's & the other 1 LOVES Elephants!

Love it!

Anither stunning collection!

Really lovely new collection!

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