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April 27, 2016

Graphic 45 Sneak Peeks Day 3: Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our newest Deluxe Collector's Edition!

  Our newest Deluxe Collector's Edition, Hallowe'en in Wonderland #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

We are so, so excited to announce our newest Deluxe Collector's Edition Hallowe'en in Wonderland! This has been one of our most requested re-releases and you get Sneak Peeks today! Best news, we will also be selling these papers separately  and also as the Deluxe Collector's Edition pack for a limited time, so make sure to talk to your local scrapbook store and get this beloved Halloween collection. This means you can get as little or as much of this collection as you desire. **Also, many people have been asking, these new collections will be in store in June! 

Before we jump into the fun, let's take a look at our randomly chosen winners from yesterday's Sneak Peek giveaway:

From the Blog:

-Sally Gilman: The more I look at this paper the more I love it!

-Julie Mcvay: I am totally in love with this Safari Adventure Collection. I love the colors. Thanks for the chance to win. Love ya, Graphic 45!

From Facebook:

-Beth Leftwich Beery:I love that you have twelve different paper designs in this collection, and 12x12 patterns and solids!! Thank you G45, you're the best!!!

-Sally Trebing: LOVE, LOVE LOVE this new collection!

Congratulations, winners! Please email joanna@g45papers.com to claim your prize. Now, you have FOUR more chances to Win It Before You Can Buy It if you comment here on the blog and on our Facebook page. You could win the Deluxe Collector's Edition pack of Hallowe'en in Wonderland! We will announce these 4 winners tomorrow.

Now, let's not wait anymore! Take a look at one of our most beloved collections  - Hallowe'en in Wonderland!

Hallowe'en in Wonderland Deluxe Collector's Edition

Hallowe'en in Wonderland Deluxe Collector's Edition Pack #graphic45

Hallowe'en in Wonderland projects from Diane's workshop. Look for this collection in stores in June! #graphic45

 Hallowe'en in Wonderland Signature Page

1- Hallowe'en in Wonderland signature page from this brand new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45 #sneakpeeks


2- Jabberwocky from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, a new Deluxe Collector's Edition from Graphic 45 #sneakpeeks

Alice's Teaparty

3 - Alice's Teaparty from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Wonderland Classifieds

4 - Wonderland Classifieds from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Through the Looking Glass

5 - Through the Looking Glass from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Mad Hatter

6 - Mad Hatter from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Square from Hare

7 - Square Hare from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Curiouser and Curiouser

8 - Curiouser and Curiouser from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

You're Late!

9 - You're Late! from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Uncommon Sense

10 - Uncommon Sense from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45 #sneakpeeks

At Last!

11 - At Last! from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

12 - Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our new Deluxe Collector's Edition #graphic45

Hallowe'en in Wonderland Cardstock Stickers

Hallowe'en in Wonderland cardstock stickers #graphic45

Hallowe'en in Wonderland Chipboard

  Hallowe'en in Wonderland chipboard #graphic45

Now, here's some incredible projects from Diane's workshop. These are so amazing! Loving to see these papers in creative action again.


  Hallowe'en in Wonderland shadowbox from Diane's Workshop #graphic45

Hallowe'en in Wonderland birdhouse from Diane's workshop #graphic45


Are you excited that this collection is back? What do you want to create with this collection? We are so very excited!

Happy Papercrafting,

The G45 Family

Want to try these projects out? Visit your LSS or order online today! Graphic 45 Store Locator Link Here









Ohhhh Maaaaa Goodness!!! Hallows Eve and ALice combined??? Kiss your designer for me,lol. I would make a mini album...or a gypsy cart......or....

OMG......I was hoping it would be released again! I have so wanted this for the last couple of years. Keeping fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky winners. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Eeeeek! My two favorite theme; halloween and alice in wonderland combined! You are awesome, G45!!

A fantasy alive on paper! Thanks for bringing back Alice in Wonderland. Now let's have a nice cup of tea!

Be still my beating heart! So very very glad to see Alice again. The original one of my all time favorites. Let the creating begin.

I don't know how you do it!?! AMAZING!!!

This collection is amazing. I can not wait to get my hands on it! I had never even seen this one before so I am super excited about this!

So happy about the collectors edition release!! I will be purchasing this for sure!!

I have been wanting to get my hands on this collection! So glad it is being released again!

I would jump down a rabbit hole, to get some of these cool papers !! Thank you so much Graphic 45 for bringing back this classic ! :)

omg LOVE this! Especially the newspaper print page!

Wonderful paper collection!

Oh this paper will be so much FUN to create with!!! Love it!!

Thank you for bringing this collection back. I missed it the first time around and am happy to see it brought back.

I LOVE Halloween so I LOVE this paper!!!!

I love these new papers! They are so beautiful. G45 outdoes themselves again!

Love the rich colors in this collection and the quirky fun of the theme. Thank you for releasing it again.

Great projects!

what can I say.... I love the colors, the theme, the art work....WOW!

Awesome collection!

I love this collection! And today's projects are great as always!

The colours on this collection are stunning ! I love it

This was and is a great collection! It was my very first collection that I worked with when I first found out about G45...still love it and have a bit leftover still, yay!

I love this paper. the colors go so well. thanks

Love Halloween papers.
their use is short-lived but it's still fun
to have them in my collection.

On my must have list of papers. Love it!

This is perfect as usual. Love your Halloween papers always.

Goodness, Alice in wonderland collection is awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Oh my, oh my!!! Didn't know about G45 when this came out, have heard awesome things about it. Now I know why!!!!

Wow, this is a must have collectors edition! Love Gtaphic 45!!!

Love the rich colors and fabulous designs! This collection is right up my alley... I do love Halloween so much, and love to create for it!

I only recenlty started papercrafting and missed out on this collection the first time around. I am so glad it's back!

Definitely one of my all-time favorite Halloween in Wonderland. I loved working with that line.

This and the Wizard of Oz are old favorites of mine.

Oh how fun this is and
what a tremendous
idea! Love it all.
Carla from Utah

Oohhh, so perfect for All Hallows Eve cards. Gotta have this collection, so many ideas

Omg....this is THE collection that first introduced me to Graphic 45 and made me a life long junkie.

Hurray! Thank you so much for re-releasing this paper. I've always regretted not purchasing this when it first came out and now we all get another chance.

Absolutely love this!

LOVE.....LOVE......LOVE....the colors and graphics of this deluxe collection. My mind and spirit is inspired. Thanks for the chance to win....

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