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June 07, 2016

How to Create an Album from 1 Sheet of Paper & More from the Creative Mind of Einat Kessler

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5 

We are so excited to introduce Einat Kessler from Israel today! Einat is filled with innovative ideas and unique trips and tricks, and she shares a tutorial with each of her projects today so you can also try her fun and fresh ideas. From 3D altered art to albums and a great layout - Einat truly can do it all and teach you how to do it as well. We are so honored to have this talented artist on our team this year. Now, it's time for Einat to take it away and introduce herself to us!

Einat High Res

"I’m Einat Kessler, creative professional, mixed media artist, scrapbook and paper designer, altering enthusiast and class instructor from Israel.

As a little girl I remember sitting in my grandparents living room with a huge scrapbook on my knees (I was only 6 years old so the scrapbook seemed larger than it really was), looking through the photos of faraway places my grandparents visited. As a master bookbinder, my grandfather built a new scrapbook from scratch for every trip he and my grandma took. After the book was ready he filled it with photos, postcards, images he cut from magazines, tickets and lots more. I thought it was pure magic.

Years later when my first son was born my grandfather suggested I create a scrapbook for him. This was the first scrapbook I created. In those days there were no scrapbooking supplies in the stores here and I had to be creative and create everything from scratch. One day while online I searched the word scrapbooking and BAM!! A whole new world just gushed into my life! I was completely hooked!

Slowly the new hobby took over my life until I decided to quit my job and open my own business. I started a blog, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. Today my brand has evolved beyond scrapbooking to include mixed media, DIY projects, altering and recycling. I teach online classes and sell my creations on my Etsy shop.  I’ve recently launched a members-only creative club with exciting video tutorials, tips & techniques and amazing giveaways. I love sharing what I do with as many people as possible and the more I give the more I receive."

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We love hearing how creativity is truly magic for Einat. Now, let's take a look at her beautiful projects!

"I like to challenge myself sometimes so I come up with new ways of using supplies like papers. I wanted to find out if I could create an interactive pocket mini album with only one sheet of 12x12 paper. I built the mini album from a black cardstock and covered it with papers from the Mother Goose collection which is one of my favorites. This project may seem to be complicated but it’s actually really easy and can be completed in less than an hour.

Tip #1: It’s very tempting to create lots of pockets and flaps but it’s important to balance between the pockets, flaps and embellishments and the width of the mini album. Since it’s only one sheet of paper it can’t be too bulky.

Tip #2: If you want to come up with your own design draw a sketch and try it on a plain piece of paper.

Einat Kessler interactive one page mini album


How to make an Interactive Album with one Sheet of Paper

Einat Kessler interactive one page mini album


Supply List

Mother Goose Collection: 1 sheet of paper
Black cardstock  

"My boys always inspire me. When I looked at this photo of them I imagined them in a wonderful world of magic and stories, an innocent scene of two boys surrounded by fairytale characters. The rest was pretty obvious… I used the Mother Goose papers to create that scene I saw in my mind and it fit the photo perfectly. After covering the canvas I fussy cut all the images and layered them around the photo. I love this canvas, it’s hanged in my studio and it makes me smile every day.

Tip #1: When fussy cutting make sure to use good small scissors and move the paper not the scissors while you cut.

Tip #2: When creating a “scene” with a photo make sure to adjust the photo size to match the other elements of the project.

Mother Goose frame and tutorial from Einat Kessler! #graphic45


Reverse Canvas Shadow Box Tutorial

Mother Goose frame and tutorial from Einat Kessler! #graphic45

Mother Goose frame and tutorial from Einat Kessler! #graphic45

Mother Goose frame and tutorial from Einat Kessler! #graphic45

Supply List

Mother Goose Collection: papers
8x8 canvas
Distress Ink
Liquid Distress Ink
Star Punch
Foam tape

"The vintage candlestick phone is made entirely from scratch from black cardstock covered with the Communique collection papers. I got the idea for this project from the collection itself, specifically the image of lady liberty saying “Hello! This is LIBERTY speaking”. The base of the phone is a box that holds an interactive circle mini album. One of the best things about this project is that I got to do some paper engineering, which is one of my favorite things in paper crafts. I just love the measuring and planning that goes into a 3D project like that.

Tip #1: When building a 3D project always use black cardstock to build your project and then cover it with G45 papers. This way if the first try fails you will not waste pretty papers.

Tip #2: Don’t be lazy…always measure! Accuracy is a key ingredient to a successful 3D project."

Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Telephone mini album box


Part 1 Interactive Circle Mini Album Tutorial


Part 2 Interactive Circle Mini Album Tutorial


Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Telephone mini album box

Einat Kessler Graphic 45 Audition Telephone mini album box

Supply List

Communique Collection: papers and chipboards
Black cardstock
Metal wire
2 long legs brads
leather cord
Binding rings

"My mind is a mystery to me. There are so many things running and turning in it. I find inspiration in almost everything, but I don’t really understand how. When I saw that we have to create a project describing us as a designer an image popped in my head. I saw my head opening and all kinds of things pouring out of it, all the things that inspire me as a designer and make my brain creative.

Tip #1: I had to print my photo on my home computer because I needed its size to match the paper. When you want to make sure the size of your photo is correct open an empty 12x12 paper on your computer (in whatever graphic program you use) and resize the photo while it’s on that paper. This way you’ll be able to see if the size is right.

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5

Check out How to Create a Layout About You by Einat Kessler on Snapguide.  

Einat's Layout Snapguide Tutorial

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5

My Creative Mind, Steampunk Debutante, By Einat Kessler, Product by Graphic 45, photo 5

Supply List

Papers: Steampunk Debutante, Once upon a Springtime, Botanicabella, Rare Oddities, Steampunk Spells,
Voyage Beneath the Sea.
Black marker
Black Distress Ink
Letter Stickers
Foam tape

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$40 Cityscapes Prize Pack - 2

Thanks for joining us and giving a big Graphic 45 welcome to the amazing Einat! Aren't her projects wonderful? We cannot wait to see what else she creates this year!

Your Pals in Paper,

The G45 Family

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I love Einat's creative mind! So excited to be working with her this year!

WOW! Your work is amazing! Looking forward to seeing more. :) Thanks for sharing.

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Amazing projects and so generous to share so many tutorials x

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Amazing projects!

All these projects are beautiful - particularly love the Communique one.
Thank you,
Sue Mac

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Congratulations Einat!!!!

Such wonderful projects!!!

Love your tutorials. I can't decide whether to try the 1 sheet mini album or the candlestick phone first!

Einat's projects and designs are fabulous! I love the layout with her opened mind! Very clever! ~Sandy

I recently discovered Einat and really enjoy her creativity. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things she will be coming up with G45.

Gorgeous projects! I especially love all of the details and embellishments on each of the projects! So amazing! Love the phone, it looks stunning!

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there is such depth to the project.
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Carla from Utah

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de superbes réalisations !!

Fabulous work, great project. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome products.

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I love the layers on the 1 piece of paper mini. Brilliant. Welcome to G45!

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Great projects! Thank you for your tutorials!

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