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December 20, 2016

Get Ready for Hanukkah with Graphic 45!

  Happy Hanukkah Card, DIY Craft Paper and St Nicholas, by Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3

We want to wish our Jewish G45ers a very Happy Hanukkah starting this Saturday! Our own Einat Kessler made an amazing Hanukkah card for us today with a tutorial how to make one yourself in time for the 8-day celebration. We love the paper candles she created!

Happy Hanukkah Card, DIY Craft Paper and St Nicholas, by Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3

"This year Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrated at the same time so I thought I share a Hanukkah Card. I know that the Hanukkah colors are usually blue and white but that’s just in North America. The reason for that is the colors of the Israeli flag which are blue and white. However Hanukkah is a festival of lights so in Israel the holiday colors are yellow, orange and all the colors of light and fire. Like the candle flames we light for eight days.

If you never knew why we light the candles and what is the story of Hanukkah here is the short version:

*In 175 BCE, Antiochus Epiphanies invaded Judea (ancient Israel).                       
* The Temple in Jerusalem was looted and services stopped, Judaism was outlawed.                                                 

* Antiochus ordered an altar to Zeus erected in the Temple. He banned circumcision and ordered pigs to be sacrificed at the altar of the temple.           
* Antiochus’s actions provoked a large-scale revolt. By 165 BCE the Jewish revolt was successful.                              
* The Temple was liberated and rededicated, it was cleansed, a new altar was built in place of the polluted one and new holy vessels were made.                     
* Olive oil was needed for the menorah in the Temple, which was required to burn throughout the night every night.                                                   
* The story goes that there was only enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of oil for the menorah. An eight-day festival was declared to commemorate this miracle – Hanukkah!" ~Einat

Happy Hanukkah Card, DIY Craft Paper and St Nicholas, by Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3


Check out How to Create a Happy Hanukkah Card by Einat Kessler on Snapguide.

Einat's Snapguide Tutorial

Happy Hanukkah Card, DIY Craft Paper and St Nicholas, by Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3

Tip #1: You don’t need fancy embellishments; use the paper and the elements on it creatively to create embellishments.

Tip #2: If you use letter stickers and they are too big for the space you have cut them or change their shape to fit the space you have.

Happy Hanukkah Card, DIY Craft Paper and St Nicholas, by Einat Kessler, product by Graphic 45, photo 3


Supply List

DIY Craft Paper: Numbers & Stripes
Papers: 8 x 8 St. Nicholas, 12x12 St. Nicholas
Letter Stickers: Botanicabella  

This week, in honor of Christmas week, we are giving away an $80 prize pack filled with St. Nicholas goodies. 'Tis the season for handmade goodies! All you need to do to enter is comment here on the blog or on our Facebook page. We will announce a winner here on the blog on Friday. Have fun entering!

St Nicholas, Ivory Book Box and Celebrate ATC Tag Prize $80+

We hope you have a wonderful Hanukkah to those celebrating! Thanks for joining us today!

Happy Papercrafting,

The G45 Family

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This project is so amazing! Happy Holidays to all, whether it being Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or any of the other celebrations. From me...Merry Christmas all.

Thank you Einat for the turorial and the meaning of Hannukah. Happy Hannukah to you.

Love this tutorial about the Feast of Hanukkah. It is so informative. Happy Hanukkah to all. Your prize is so beautiful as all your collections are.

Thank you for the lesson on Hanukkah! I love learning about other religions!
The card is beautiful and the tips are great!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Feliz Navidad!

What a fabulous Hanukkah card design.

Nice to see an original Hanukkah card! I love G45! Whether for Xmas or any other holiday, G45 rocks! Happy Holidays, Friends!

Such a fabulous Hanukkah card!!!!

LOVE this card:)

I love Einat's card and the information she shared!!!! TFS!

I love this, Einat - it's gorgeous. Beautiful design (could easily change it to an 8th birthday card, too!). And thanks for the tutorial on the reason for the 8 day celebration. :-)

wonderful card!

Beautiful cards to celebrate Hannukah.

Fantastic design!

What a great card to celebrate Hannukah. The layout could be used for lots of occasions.
Thank you for this.

What a pretty card! Thanks for sharing the story behind the celebration!

Thank you so much for sharing this Happy Hanukkah card and the history of Hanukkah.

What a great card!!!! I love it!!! I really leve the holiday line of papers!

So cool to share the history of Hanukkah, awesome card! TFS!

Interesting looking
card, love all the
elements on it.
Carla from Utah

It,s wonderful!! Lovely work!!! Thanks for your tutorial, seem easy with your exposition. Got my fingers crossed.
Regards from Barcelona


Ok I admit it... I love Einat... I've been following her designs and I'm so so impressed. As a Jewish person, I celebrate Hanukkah and my cards have been boring compared to this one Einat made. She is amazing! So, hopefully my Jewish friends don't see this card because I'm planning to make it for 2017! Best wishes for continued success and creativity. Happy new year to all!

Me encantan esos papeles de Papa Noel.

Beautiful card and wonderful learning about the colors of Hanukkah being different in Israel. Happy Hanukkah!!!

Nice card with totally different theme.
Thanks for explain the story.
I would like to win the set with St. Nicholas Collection. There are cool papers 😍😍😍

Love that you posted a Hanukkah card, and it's a real beauty. I love the artsy feel and warm colors.

Beautiful card and wonderful explanation of Hanukkah.

I love this card and the history you shared! The candles are so cool. Happy Hanukkah!

Beautiful card ! Happy Hanukkah!!!

Awesome card.

Thanks for informing us about the colors of Hanukkah. Lovely card! I'm a fan of St. Nicholas...thanks for offering this delightfully festive prize package!

Beautiful card Einat! Happy Hannukkah!

Thank you for the lesson, Einat! Something I always wondered about! Lovely card...Happy Hannukkah. ANd as to the prize pack..have not been able to get my hands on those tag-cutouts...been coveted them for awhile now!

Love the card and thank you for the story of Hanukkah and the true colors.

So beautiful and wonderful to have Hanukkah included.

Simply amazing!

Clean and simple.
Glad to see something other
than Santa.
thanks for sharing.
Happy new Year

Beautiful card and thank you for sharing the story of Hanukkah.

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