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April 12, 2017

Shadow Box + Mini Album + Botanicabella = One Perfect Project by Marina Blaukitchen

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Hello G45ers!

Welcome to another creative installment on the Graphic 45 blog.  In this post, you will find a hybrid project that will amaze and delight any artist, along with tips, a Snapguide step by step tutorial, and a video!  Introducing Marina Blaukitchen's shadow box and mini album using the fabulous Botanicabella - Deluxe Collector's Edition.  Also be sure to leave a comment here as well as on Facebook to be entered to win this week's contest.  


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


"My two favorite crafting techniques are fussy cutting and layering and I have combined a little of both in this shadow box.

It is very relaxing for me to fussy cut, I can spend hours and hours doing it! Then I love to play with the little pieces and try to create a scene with dimension and depth.

Shadow boxes are ideal to try these techniques, they give a proper and delimited space to create different compositions, and they are more versatile than you might think. This is an example of that using a shadow box to decorate an album cover. " ~ Marina BlauKitchen


Shadow Box Graphic 45 Botanicabella Square Album Show from Marina Blaukitchen on Vimeo.


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


Black Butterfly Pockets & Tags Square Album Graphic 45


Marina transformed the Butterfly Square Pockets & Tags Album into a breathtaking shadow box and mini.  


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2



  • Use the scissors you feel most comfortable with. Fussy cut should be a pleasure, not a martyr! Try different scissors until you find “the ones made for you”.
  • Cut apart the piece you want to fussy cut, then try to move the paper instead the scissors while cutting.
  • I recommend using a precision cutter(x-acto knife) to cut small spaces inside the piece you are cutting.
  • Layering is a very interesting and entertaining technique. Try more than one possibility before making a final decision for your design.
  • Add cardstock or cardboard little pieces to raise the figures and make them stand out from the other figures and from the background.

Shadow box album Botanicabella Tutorial by Marina Blaukitchen Product by Graphic 45 photo 2


Check out How to Make a Shadow Box for an Album Cover by Marina Blaukitchen on Snapguide.



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Looking for more great ideas on how to use the Butterfly Square Tags & Pockets Album? Check out this printable Safari Adventure Album project sheet. 

Safari adventure

Download and Print the Square Tag & Pocket - Jungle Mini album instruction.


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Now go out and find your perfect fussy cutting scissors and let the paper guide you on your next creative adventure.  What are you favorite tried and true tips?  Be sure to share with us here!  

Happy Papercrafting!



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I love the Botanicabella collection. It invites to fuzzycut all the butterflies, plants and other things. This project is such a good example. Thanks for sharing!

This is such a clever little album and shadow box! I love the Botanicabella collection. It is so pretty.

Wow!! Stunning!!

thanks for sharing a beautiful project love the idea of the mini album with the shadow box

I really enjoy all the creative tips, techniques and the Snapguide tutorials, but my favorite is the printable instructions. Thanks for making it a great day G45!

I love my butterfly tag album, it works up so quick when you need a special gift for someone! Liking the shadowbox idea, but afraid it would get squished! ( I would cry)

Like Marina, I enjoy fussy cutting. This paper lends itself to that and allows you to make use every scrap. What a delightful project

What a genius idea to put a shadowbox on the front of the album. It can sit on the shelf being a work of art while it holds family pictures. Love it!

Incredible collection! Love the depth of the colors!

Love the idea of using the canvas for the cover of this gorgeous album. Stunning work!

Love the idea of using a shadow box as an album cover! Genius idea! Stunning creation! TFS!

Wonderful inspiration!! Such amazing projects!!

I love the shadow box idea on top of the Butterfly Album!! The Botanicabella paper is so beautiful and works great for this album! It's fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Such a clever and unique way to do an album cover! And I love shadow boxes. There are so many possibilities! And of course, G45 makes it so easy.

Love the shadow box on this album.

Always so informative and creative!Super clever! Thank you for sharing your artistic creation!

Love anything to do with butterflies! This project is so beautiful and the butterfly cutouts are outstanding! Thanks for sharing. D.

How smart and fun! Such a great idea making a shadow box on the front of the tag album...and it is so beautiful, too!

I'm looking to win BIG!!! Every day there are so many gorgeous creations posted. Thanks for showing such creative work from the artists.

Wow! That is just incredible! Combining a shadow box with an album is something I never would have though of - clever and creative, Marina!

Great project!!! This album is so creative and beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial, Very inspiring!

I'm getting ready to start an album cover.. interesting idea.

Beautiful album. One note: G45 you know how to design butterflies! Fussy cutting is one of favorite things to do.

I love shadow boxes too and this is great. Love the album too. Thank you

Awesome work
on this, so very
Carla from Utah

What a beautiful shadow box.I never made one,this will inspire me to do so.Love all the fussy cutting.
I have this collection and just love it.
Thanks G45 for a chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Wow, this is a fantastic project! I love the botanical and nautical elements, and I love altered books!

What a darling shadow box album cover! Just beautiful. I'm also in love with this vintage cinema collection,thanks so much for the chance to win

Beautiful album and so creative with the shadowbox on the cover!

Love the idea of making the front of the mini album a shadow box. Wonderful butterflies and my favorit fish. Love the Botanicabella Deluxe collector's edition! The guides and tips are always very much appreciated! Thank you Graphic 45 for a chance to win this week's outstanding and generous prize ❤️❣️!

What a gorgeous shadowbox and album! I always enjoy reading the designers' tips and tricks.

Wow - what an amazing creation, combining a shadow box with a mini! And the Botanicabella collection is so gorgeous! Judy D.

You've come up with so many new and interesting pieces that stimulate our creative juices!!

I LOVE this cool shadow box album...wow, so creative. I enjoyed the tips too. I have found the perfect scissors for myself, they are called Butter Bees, They making fussy cutting so much easier for me. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize from G45 !!

What an unusual idea - a shadow box on an album. Love the butterflies and birds. Would love to win this big package from G45. Oh, the projects I will make!

I have a hard time cutting straight lines, so I fold and tear paper a lot. LOVE your stuff!

Absolutely beautiful!

The shadow box and mini are so pretty. I like the tips, and of course graphic 45 is fussy cutting perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful projects and a great prize! Pick me please :)

I love the projects for today.They are really beautiful.Allthe detail with the fussy cutting &layering .Stunning!The papers make for such beautiful pieces,so inspiring.

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