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June 06, 2017

Spotlight: Alexandra Morein - 2017 G45 Brand Ambassador

Hello, G45ers! 

Welcome to the start of a new year with our all new Graphic 45 Brand Ambassadors. We are so excited to introduce our brand ambassadors, previously know as our design team members. Today is the first of 13 posts dedicated to introducing each of them. You will notice familiar faces, but this will be a great reminder of the beautiful work they create and their passion for crafting. We are going alphabetically, so at the top of the roll call is Alexandra Morein. Here you can learn a little bit more about her and take a look at a beautiful brand new Communique - DCE chain box she created, complete with tutorial. The creative details and excellent finishing work make it easy to see why we are so happy to have her back this year. 

 Graphic 45 Brand Ambassadors 2017 Big Announcement

Some of the fun changes for 2017 are changing our Design Team name to Graphic 45 Brand Ambassadors, adding more fun and short videos, monthly craft studio tours, more Facebook Live videos, and more G45er features!  We would also love to hear from you.  What would you like to see more of?  What type of projects, content, tips, anything at all, we want to know.  


Alexandra b&w

Alexandra Morein


"First of all, I am so excited to be able to share my projects with the G45 fans for another year and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for all the support and the sweet comments that I’ve received from different people throughout the past year.


So… This is my second term on the Graphic 45 team and I am happy to introduce myself for the second time.


I am 37, was born in Ukraine. At the age of 20 (back in 2000,) I moved with my family to Israel. I started crafting there, in 2012, after a surgery which forced me to stay home for a month. That was the time when I discovered Polymer Clay and started my blog “ClayGuana” (www.clayguana.blogspot.com), sharing different polymer clay handmade items.

Once you start to craft, it is really hard to stop. Once day I was buying alcohol markers in a craft shop (wanted to try them on polymer clay,) and a cashier in the shop started to ask me questions about the markers… Here and there, I got to know about scrapbooking and cardmaking from her. After an online survey, I was amazed with the amount of supplies a paper crafter needed (in comparison to the amount which was enough for the one who deals with Polymer Clay) and thought to myself that this was not my cup of tea.

I‘ve always loved to color though, A LOT, and this must have been the reason why I wanted to make my first ever scrapbook card, no matter what. I made one, then I made another one… They were so funny, as if they were created by a child But you do something, and you learn to make it better and better every time.

In 2013 my husband and I moved to Singapore, where I finally had lots of time to dedicate to my relatively new hobby. I was pregnant and stayed at home, learned a lot from the You Tube videos and started to make cards with the digital stamps, colored with Copic Markers.

Around 2016 I wanted to set Copics aside and change my style.

I’ve created lots of OOTP projects since then, a lot of them have video tutorials too.


Here are some more facts about me:

  • I never can craft without being interrupted by two of my kids
  • I can never finish a project in day unless it is a card (for the previously mentioned reason)
  • I like to work in silence (this happens like almost never)
  • I hate a mess on a craft desk
  • When I craft and am obsessed with a certain idea, I can stay hungry for hours.
  • My first G45 collection to work with was Steampunk Spells
  • My favorite tools are a bonefolder, scoreboard and my Sizzix machine. 



Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 1

Communique Chain Box Tutorial

By Alexandra Morein


"My today’s project will feature one of the most popular classy paper collections, which returned in 2016 as a Deluxe Collector’s  Edition – Communique.

This collection is full of classy cameras, vintage typewriters, 1920s newspapers, and glorious telegrams, the colors which prevail in the collection are so classy (black, red, cream and brown), that you can fit these papers almost for any project.

I have created a little box which can be kept on one’s office table. There are two little booklets inside the box, where either little pictures may be placed or some handy information may be put down (like the addresses of interesting sites, maybe some clever quotes or maybe passwords).

For a unique look, I’ve decided to attach metal chains to the lid of the box and I’m quite happy with the result.

I would like to share a tutorial about the process of putting the box together. Hopefully, you will find it inspiring and useful.



Communique Box YouTube Tutorial

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 2


Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 2

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 2

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 2


Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 10

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 10

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 10

Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 10


Communique Chain Box  Tutorial by Alexandra Morein  Product by Graphic 45  Photo 10



Graphic 45 Supplies:



You can find me here:

Blog: www.clayguana.blogspot.com

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7BE6vAO4_W6rMforrNEgvw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClayGuana/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clayguana/


I hope to inspire you for one more year, here on the Graphic 45 team.  Thanks for your time and attention ☺" ~Alexandra Morein


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Thanks for joining us as we start our celebration of our 2017 Brand Ambassadors, and focus on Alexandra Morein today. As you can see from the above, we are so lucky to have her representing Graphic 45 with her intricately detailed creations. From cards to handmade chipboard boxes, Alexandra's creations always impress. Come back tomorrow for more introductions and let us know what your favorite creations by Alexandra are, in the comments below. 

Happy Papercrafting!

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Wonderfully decorated box. I like the addition of the chains. Great learning about Alexandra.

Have always been a fan of Alexandra's 3 D projects...simply rocking!

Love Alexandra's awesome box! It's so great to have you back for a second year. Thank you for sharing your creative inspirations!! ❤️ Graphic 45❣️

I love decorated boxes and Alexandra's is an inspiration. Thank you.

Welcome back Alexandra!I love the charming box you created,thanks for another inspiring project.

Oh my gosh, this box is adorable. I love the colours of the Communique collection. Thanks Alexandra. Hope to see more of your great projects throughout the year.

colección super preciosa.

Congrats to Alexandra!!! Beautiful inspiration:)

It seems that you have described myself, nice to know you better and love your work

Wonderful project, excited to see more of your beautiful work in the coming months!

All the best to the Brand Ambassadors

I have been looking forward to this in depth look at the G45 Brand Ambassadors. Talent and skills in abundance!!

Awesome project Alexandra and I enjoyed reading about you! I had wondered how your blog name came about...very cool. :)

Alexandra Morein you are by far my favorite designer and you inspire me constantly. I am currently get ready to recreate one of your recent designs the box with the wheels and the mini album (sorry the name escapes me at the moment) you used Master Detective I believe. I am going to use Nature's Sketchbook - I will share pictures with you when I am finished. I follow your blog and love waiting to see what you will create next.

Love Alexandra's sweet post, and love her Communique box! The original Communique collection was my first introduction to G45 several years ago now, and it was love at first sight!! Judy D.

Love this box, especially the metal accents - thanks so much for the tutorial!

fabulous work!!!

Well done! Thank you for the tutorial!


Welcome back Alexandra Morein!
This box is wonderfully made
and so unique.
Carla from Utah

Alexandra, your creativity is amazing! I love your box with the metal embellishments! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!!!

Alexandra, your box is amazing. I am looking forward to more of your projects with Graphic 45!

Wow!!!! Is beautiful i Just loved ❤️

Beautiful inspiration :)

You do amazing work and loved all the many gorgeous details of your chain box set!!

A very very beautiful box here Alexandra, sooo beautiful and very very usefull for soo many things too, and I absolut LOVE it.

This box is beautiful with amazing detail all the way down to the cute little feet--love it!

What a wonderfully designed and embellished box. Thanks for including all the detail.

Beautiful work, great presentation. Looking forward to seeing more from Alexandra.

Love love the box! So awesome..

Beautiful box! Thanks for the inspiration! So glad to get to know the designers a little bit better.

I am never disappointed at any projects you post....I do love 3D projects which you most often do...so, I say, keep it going.

This is such a fabulous box, and I´m completely and deeply in love with it, so think, I´ll have to give it a go sometime soon too, as I´m afraid, I wount survive without it he he.
So great to see you as an ambassador here now hun, can´t wait to see more of your lovely work here.

It's a beautifull!!!! I loved it. It is very interesting to know them beyond the scrap

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