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June 19, 2017

The Graphic 45 Blog Has Move to G45papers.com


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Click here to access the new Graphic 45 website. 


Sad to hear that you have moved. Your new blog is not running under Firefox and I can't add it to my blog list on blogger :(

Yes we´ve found that out on Facebook already.

Signed up but cannot respond to email, says to click confirmation link in email. No such confirmation link on the email I was sent.
Sorry to see you change. When I try to access the blog with Google Chrome I get a small box that won't let me enlarge to see anything.

I too am having a problem with getting the current blog. Please enter me in the drawing for your beautiful products! Thank you

How do you see older blogs? I can only access what is current.

I can't get it on my iPad either. Sad. I love Graphic 45

Hoping to have a little luck ... another graphic 45 hit.. :)

Am not receiving emails for the new blog posts either. Have signed up 2x to remedy the problem, but am told I am already signed up, but still do not receive any updates since the beginning of new blog. Help! Can't enlarge pictures either! Too small! Love Graphic 45, please fix.

Beatiful papers and beatiful giveaway!

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